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PRESS RELEASE: Kander Releases Report on Elections Integrity Unit Successes

Jefferson City, Mo. — Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander today released a report on the accomplishments of his Elections Integrity Unit in its first election cycle. The Elections Integrity Unit has reviewed and responded to 97 complaints since Kander established the unit 13 months ago.
“In just over a year, my office has launched more formal elections investigations than any Missouri secretary of state in history because I want to ensure that every eligible Missourian has the right to cast a ballot, and that only eligible Missourians cast a ballot,” Kander said. “We have put online all the work that the Elections Integrity Unit does so Missourians can have even more faith in our system.”
Because of his office’s work, two Missourians were convicted of voter registration fraud and will never be allowed to vote again. The unit has referred 20 cases to local prosecutors. The Elections Integrity Unit received a variety of complaints, ranging from voter registration issues to absentee ballot situations to candidate qualifications. Most complaints were from citizens seeking further information or clarification on elections laws. However, the Elections Integrity Unit has not received a complaint of voter impersonation fraud.
The office is currently reviewing complaints from the 2014 primary and general elections, and the results of those reviews will be available online as soon as they are completed.