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Kander Submits Smallest Operating Budget for Secretary of State’s Office Since 1998  


Jefferson City, Mo. — Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander announced that in his Fiscal Year 2017 budget, he is asking for the smallest amount of general revenue for the office’s operating budget than any secretary of state has requested since former Secretary Rebecca McDowell Cook’s budget passed in 1998.


“It’s been a priority of mine as secretary of state to run the most efficient office possible for taxpayers,” Kander said, “I’m proud I’ve been able to cut my budget request once again while continuing to provide the same great level of service to Missourians.” 


Throughout his administration, Kander has made his office more efficient by cutting spending and non-essential positions. Kander and his staff dug deep in the budget to find every possible opportunity to save taxpayer money. For example, by shrinking the size of a registration reminder mailed to small business owners, Kander’s office was able to save taxpayers over $20,000 annually. 


Kander’s average general revenue core budget request since he took office is 9.4 percent lower than former Gov. and Secretary of State Matt Blunt’s average general revenue core budget request, and 5.6 percent lower than former Secretary of State Robin Carnahan’s average request.