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Kehoe calls for Greitens to resign


Senate Majority Floor Leader Mike Kehoe Thursday morning spoke out about the House investigation report, calling the contents “disturbing and disgusting,” and calling for the Governor to resign immediately for the good of his family.

Kehoe also said the Governor has “blown bridges up” to the point Greitens cannot effectively govern. Kehoe also rebutted that the investigation is not a “witch-hunt,” nor the report “tabloid trash,” as the Governor said during a press conference before the release of the report.

Kehoe’s full statement:

I am grateful to the members of the committee.  Each of them are men and women of high-character and great integrity, and I believe the report reflects that.  The investigation is not a “witch-hunt”, nor are the contents of the report “tabloid trash”.  The governor will have his day in court to determine his guilt or innocence on the charge he was indicted for.

However, the contents of this report are disturbing and disgusting, particularly as the father of three daughters.  The governor has lost the moral authority and the ability to lead the state going forward.  The governor should resign immediately for the good of the state, but more importantly, for the good of his family.  Unlike any political office, his family will be with him for the rest of his life.

Should the governor choose not to resign, I am persuaded that he has not only burned bridges, he has blown them up to where it will be impossible for him to effectively lead the state going forward.  Remaining in office reeks of the self-serving actions of a “career politician” the governor has mockingly derided since his inauguration.

I take no pleasure in calling for the governor’s resignation. But I do know our founding fathers devised a system of government which is greater than one person and able to handle this scenario.  Thanks to the leadership of Speaker Todd Richardson and Senator Ron Richard, the ship of state government sails steadily on course.