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Kinder: To whom does the future of Missouri, and the Missouri Republican Party, belong?

By Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder


Tough day, Wednesday last, for those of us who’ve battled for years to place Missouri in the growing category of freedom-to-work states. Backers fell 13 votes short of the 109, or two-thirds majority, required to put this on the law books.

The question therefore is put: To whom does the future of Missouri, and the Missouri Republican Party, belong?

Does that future belong to those GOP representatives seen, moments after their 20 votes sustained a Democratic Governor’s veto, joyously yukking it up and high-fiving the delirious (and shrinking) crowd from Big Labor?


Or does that future belong to those of us who’ve expended years of time and treasure, blood and sweat in trying to enact this law?

I am shoving all my chips to the center of the table on a bet that it is the latter, not the former, who will own the future of Missouri, and who will earn thanks from the folks who’ve handed Republicans the majorities that we used to call “veto-proof”.

We are elected by votes from folks who expect us to lead on the important issues facing our state today. As Republicans we campaign on moving us forward with policies that benefit our economy, stimulate job growth and create a more prosperous state.

We stand for freedom, fairness, and government accountability. What we saw yesterday were elected officials who used the surging Republican brand to get elected, but caved to union interests and lobbyist promises out of fear and self-preservation. Duly noted.

In different circumstances, in November, 1942, Prime Minister Winston Churchill addressed the House of Commons. The occasion was the Allied victory, at long last and following many false starts and setbacks, over Gen. Erwin Rommel, Hitler’s “Desert Fox”.

Churchill offered this summation:

“This is not the end. It is not the beginning of the end. But it is, I think, the end of the beginning.”

So let it be as to the events of Wednesday, September 16, 2015, in the General Assembly of our state. This is no time for retreat.

Churchill, again: “We shall not weaken nor tire, we shall not fail nor falter.”

Forward, then: onward to ultimate victory on right to work for Missouri.




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