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Kraus files bills to reduce government burden on businesses


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. –  Sen. Will Kraus (R-Lee’s Summit) filed two bills Thursday aimed at reducing the  burden of government fees on Missouri businesses.

The first of the two bills requires the Department of Revenue to pay legal fees in certain unsuccessful lawsuits against individuals and businesses, while the second eliminates filing fees for businesses started by veterans. Small changes in the law such as these can make a big difference for a small business owner, Kraus said.

“Year after year, I’m continuing to push back against government fees and policies that make it more difficult for businesses to be created and survive,” Kraus said. “Reducing extraneous, and sometimes unfair, fees is always good for Missouri businesses.”

The first bill would require the Department of Revenue to pay attorney fees if they sue a business or individual for back income taxes and lose. It’s unfair for businesses and individuals to bear the burden of court costs if they are found to be in compliance with the law, Kraus said.

Kraus, an Iraqi War veteran, introduced a second bill, which would eliminate all Secretary of State filing fees for new businesses owned by veterans. Current law already allows these exemptions for active duty military members.

“This bill would give a boost to veterans looking to start their own businesses,” Kraus said. “This helps veterans transition back into civilian life and boosts Missouri’s start-up economy as well.”