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McCaherty calls on Nixon to reconsider stadium funding plan


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Rep. John McCaherty, R-Murphy, joined the growing number of state lawmakers Friday asking for a public vote on stadium financing, calling on Gov. Jay Nixon to reconsider his plans due to state budget and credit concerns.


In his letter, McCaherty wrote, “As I know you are aware, the plan calls for approximately $135 million in state-issued bonds and for another $187 million in tax credits. These are tax dollars that are either being used or diverted without allowing for any sort of oversight by the public. It is for this reason that I am opposed to the plan as it currently stands.

“As a State Representative it is my responsibility to work for the people of my district and the people of this state, so I will do everything I can do to protect those tax dollars and the credit rating of the State of Missouri,” McCaherty continued. “Should you continue to proceed without legislative approval or the vote of our citizens, the results of that action could be detrimental and could cause our budget and credit rating to suffer.”

Read the full letter here.