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McDowell, Berry to call out corruption under St. Louis County Executive, State Auditor


Press release

On Saturday, November 3, GOP candidates Saundra McDowell and Paul Berry will join county residents in drawing attention to the failure of Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway to respond to well-documented corruption in St. Louis County under fellow Democrat, St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger.

They will be at the Crossings at Northwest/Northwest Plaza (St. Louis County Gov Ctr) at 8 a.m. and the St. Louis County Office (St. Louis County Main Clayton Office) at noon.

“This cozy relationship has to end. The media is filled with substantiated reports of cronyism and improper deals in Missouri’s largest county and the heart of the state’s economic engine,” said McDowell. “The auditor won’t step in because she is afraid to upset the powerful Democrats in St. Louis County, and the people of the county suffer.”

State Auditor Galloway has failed in her duty to provide fiscal oversight for the state’s largest county, as its government has been embroiled in controversy involving sweetheart deals between the county executive and his contributors. There was the unorthodox real estate development deal brokered by Stenger contributors that hinged on major long-term government leases, later deemed marked-up at the county’s expense. Following that, there was a multi-million-dollar bridge project benefiting only one county resident—a major Stenger financial backer. Stenger requested that State Auditor Galloway audit the process by which road and bridge projects are awarded, but Galloway has taken no action. St. Louis County is the largest county in the state to go without any comprehensive financial internal or external audits since at least 1999.

“We need to be spending our county tax dollars wisely to advance the region and serve the public, not drop it in the pockets of campaign contributors,” said Berry of the sweetheart leases arranged between the county and Stenger campaign donors who own Northwest Plaza. “Stenger needs to go—St. Louis County deserves better.”

Kevin Roach, an Alderman for the City of Ballwin and former candidate for Missouri State Auditor, will lead a march of activists from the County Government Center Northwest to the main office in Clayton at 41 South Central Avenue. This mirrors his successful 193-mile walk across the state from Ballwin to Warrensburg to confront the University of Central Missouri regarding their locked budget documents. The University of Central Missouri relented and released their budget documents for public inspection.

“My walk to Warrensburg was about restoring respect for the taxpayer and providing government transparency. Today, I’m walking to expose this corruption and cronyism in my home county,” said Roach, in his first major appearance since the primary. “I’m here supporting Saundra and Paul in their efforts to reform the county and the state.”

Roach will lead supporters on the approximately 8.5 mile walk south on Lindbergh Boulevard and then east on Ladue Road. Concerned taxpayers and supporters are encouraged to join the walk or drive past and show support for the much-needed independent audit of St. Louis County’s $600 million operation.

Participants will be available for interview both at 8:00 a.m. at Northwest Plaza (at the entrance to St. Louis County Government Northwest – 725 NW Plaza, St Ann, MO 63074) and at noon outside the St. Louis County office building (41 S Central Ave, Clayton, MO 63105).