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Midwest Litigation Services, Midwest Trial Services, and Aequitas ADR Services to change name to Alaris


ST. LOUIS – Midwest Litigation Services, Midwest Trial Services, and Aequitas ADR Services has officially changed its name to Alaris. The new name, Alaris, is a Latin word which means auxiliary troops. The company says this reflects the company’s mission to be a support team for its clients.

The company, originally called Taylor & Associates, was bought 1985 by Debbie Weaver. Weaver began her career as a court reporter in the St. Louis area and saw the opportunity to purchase the company. Since then, Weaver has spearheaded the company’s substantial growth in the regional and national markets. Alaris is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, has 11 additional offices in the Midwest region, 250 affiliates nationwide, and provides comprehensive court reporting and transcript services, trial technology services, and mediation services.

“We are grateful to our clients who have been with us throughout the years,” Weaver said. “Our new name is a result of our growth beyond our regional offices to include national and global services. We are happy to continue our journey with our clients and to expand into the next chapter.”

Alaris provides court reporting, legal concierge, and video services.

Along with the new name comes a slight change in the operation of the company. Weaver is transitioning from her role as President to Chief Executive Officer. Nancy Hopp, former COO, is taking on a new role as the company president. Both Weaver and Hopp have been recognized as prominent female leaders in business and earned numerous accolades over their respective careers. The rest of the company structure and the staff remain the same.

The decision to rebrand the company is in response to the substantial growth Alaris has experienced over the past 30 years.