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Tim Garrison and John Ashcroft headline Back the Blue event in Springfield 

Tim Garrison, former U.S. attorney, federal and military prosecutor, as well as Missouri Fraternal Order of Police chairman for the Community Member Team was A guest speaker at a Back the Blue event Tuesday evening in Springfield.

Garrison spoke about how the law impacts our country in positive ways, and that though it may not be perfect, it is needed.

“We live in a country where the rule of law is strong.” Garrison continued, “People thrive and advance where the rule of law is strong, not perfect but strong, but for laws to be respected they must be enforced”.

Garrison was not the only major speaker, former United States Attorney General John Ashcroft was the keynote speaker, who also spoke about the importance of our law enforcement and the rule of law as an entity in our culture.

“Law is not simply the idea of enforcement officials, but as a ruling, governing, entity, as it is written. Ashcroft stated. “The respect for the law is the cornerstone that provides safeguard to our liberty.”

The two touched on how more than ever it seems as if the law is becoming interpretable in severe ways, which is causing more violence against law enforcement, a less effective judicial system, and chaos among many states. Garrison noted that planned attacks against law enforcement have now become more and more frequent, with more fallen enforcement officers.

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, Missouri is up 10% in deaths related to gunfire compared to last year. 

“The point of the Back the Blue PAC is to support policies and candidates that support law enforcement and the rule of law,” Garrison said. Ashcroft also added later on that “When the law is disregarded it undermines the respect for the law,” he continued saying “we need to support law enforcement and for it to be enforced as it is written”.

For more information about the Back the Blue PAC or Tim Garrison, you can visit their website, here.

Garrison is one of a short list of republican attorneys who are reportedly being considered to be appointed Missouri Attorney General should current Attorney General Eric Schmitt be elected U.S. Senator next month