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Miller joins three-pronged race for House Majority Floor Leader

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Representative Rocky Miller, R- Lake Ozark, is the latest member of the Missouri House to announce his intent to run for the seat of House majority floor leader.

Miller announced his intent with a letter to his colleagues on Thursday, saying that he would like to help keep moving Missouri forward.

Miller explained why he wanted to submit his name by highlighting three qualities he feels will be paramount to his success in running the House floor: experience, leadership, and communication.

Rep. Rocky Miller
Rep. Rocky Miller

The Republican representative of Camden and Miller County has served for five years in the legislature, first elected in 2012  after emerging as the victor in a three-way race with 60 percent of the vote.

Since then, he has served as the chair of at least one committee over the past three years, and before that, he served as the Vice Chair of one of the appropriations committees.

“In my five years, I have proposed and supported a wide range of legislation through our process,” Miller wrote. “I run a very organized operation and strive to make sure that my fellow legislators are educated on the legislation and process.”

One of the duties that fall on the majority floor leader is to aid in fundraising, to which Miller points to the fact that he has been on the Finance Committee for the House Republican Committee for the last two years. 

“I have helped financially either directly or indirectly through the HRCC to expand our majority,” he wrote. “I am very familiar with fundraising and would continue to help all of us as a director of HRCC.

“I know what it takes to run and win a campaign.”

On the leadership front, Miller says his style is to lead by serving.

“I lead by finding out what you need and help you get it.  I am my employees, clients and caucuses servant,” he wrote. “I believe in supporting entities I am involved with to the fullest of my abilities.”

But one quality that may be most useful is communication, which Miller says comes naturally to him, saying he has been described as an open book. 

“I believe in keeping everyone up to date on what we are doing.  I want to lay out our destination and follow that to the best of my ability,” he wrote. “To be successful, we must all be engaged. I plan to help advance our cause by simply and completely explaining our position and aggressively defending that position with the Senate, Governor and Public.”

Miller is now the third person to announce his intent to run, joining Reps. Kirk Mathews and Rob Vescovo, who both announced within the last week.