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New poll shows 53 percent approval rating for Greitens


A new Missouri Times poll, conducted by Gravis Polling, shows that Gov. Eric Greitens holds an approval rating of 53 percent with Missouri voters. with 21 percent saying they disapprove and an additional 16 percent having no opinion. The poll numbers were first announced on KMOX in an interview with Missouri Times publisher Scott Faughn.

Of the 1,121 registered statewide voters, 21 percent saying they disapprove while an additional 16 percent said they have no opinion.

Here are the results of the statewide poll:

Do you approve or disapprove of the job performance of Governor Eric Greitens?

Approve 53%

Disapprove 21%

No Opinion 16%

The numbers seem to echo a poll that was published in July by The Morning Consult, which showed Greitens with a 51 percent approval rating.

New poll shows Greitens with 51 percent approval rating

These results come after the first legislative session in Greitens’ term, which saw the passage of conservative legislation that had long been held at bay by a Democratic governor, including right-to-work, tort reform, and a number of other items. Gov. Greitens also managed to successfully manage severe weather emergencies with his staff, as well as successfully sign two pieces of legislation that were the result of the two extraordinary sessions.

Ten Best and Five Worst Days of the Greitens Administration Thus Far

Greitens’ approval has been sometimes questioned, with rankings and polls from various media outlets noting his somewhat tempestuous relationship with the Missouri Legislature. Just this past month, Governing Magazine gave the freshman governor a “surviving” grade.

Greitens’ report card: Governing Magazine gives a ‘surviving’ grade