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Opinion: I’m a conservative and I support Amendment 2


By Rep. Nick Schroer

I’m a conservative and I support Amendment 2.

Here’s why:

First, I support establishing a framework for medical marijuana in Missouri because I firmly believe in individual liberty. The amendment will allow patients with debilitating medical conditions to use medical marijuana under the supervision of their doctors. It states that physicians and patients should be in charge of medical decisions – not politicians and government bureaucrats. In my opinion, that’s not only the right thing to do, but the conservative thing to do.


I support Amendment 2 because it will create a low tax framework for medicinal marijuana in Missouri. Unlike Amendment 3, a competing medical marijuana measure, the tax rate is a low 4 percent tax. Amendment 3, and undoubtedly future measures, will seek to pass a significantly higher tax (15%) if we don’t first limit the tax rate at 4 percent.

I also support Amendment 2 because it will help provide much-needed resources for our veterans. The measure will generate $18 million dollars for veterans. In my opinion, the least we can do for those who defend our liberty by putting life and limb on the line to keep us safe is to provide them the support they need back here at home!

Lastly, I support Amendment 2 because we must defeat Amendment 3. Amendment 3 is full of problematic provisions including the creation of an unaccountable Missouri drug czar position, dangerous eminent domain provisions and an onerous 15% tax.

Brad Bradshaw, the Amendment 3’s sponsor (and a trial attorney from Springfield), has created and self-appointed a drug czar position for himself should the measure pass. It lacks accountability over how the funds are spent is creates an extremely dangerous precedent for our state.

Amendment 3 even includes eminent domain provisions that I strongly oppose and includes a 15% tax on medical marijuana which would be the highest tax of its’ kind in the country (even twice the rate of liberal California).

November 6, I call on my fellow conservatives to join me in setting a responsible framework for medical marijuana in Missouri. Vote yes on Amendment 2 and, just as importantly, vote No on Amendment 3.