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Press Release: David Gregory, Former Republican State Rep, Sues Sam Page to Get St. Louis County Seniors their Tax Break

Conservative Superlawyer David Gregory today announced he is suing St. Louis County Executive Sam Page for failing to create and implement the Senior Property Tax Freeze program passed by the Missouri legislature and signed into law by Governor Parson. Gregory, a former Republican State Representative, said if Sam Page and the St. Louis County Council aren’t willing to do their job for seniors, he will do it for them with this lawsuit.

“Everyone in our County government keeps pointing the finger at one another to blame someone other than themselves for their failure to enact the tax cut seniors in St. Louis County seniors were promised,” said David Gregory. “I’m tired of it. This lawsuit calls everyone on the carpet to find out who’s truly at fault for this program not being created and implemented for our seniors. It’s either Page or the Council or both. Either way, I’m going to get to the bottom of it to fight for our seniors who have been more than patient waiting for St. Louis County government to act.”

Gregory noted that surrounding counties have enacted The Senior Property Tax Freeze program while St. Louis County government has failed to act.

The lawsuit requests a “Writ of Mandamus,” which means St. Louis County government would be compelled to do their job, the job they are required to do by law.

The County Department of Revenue has stated it needs the council to approve $1.8 million annually before the county can hire staff, buy equipment, and enact the freeze. The County Council is responsible for the allocation of funds for the operation of all the County departments, including the Senior Property Tax Freeze program.

It’s been almost 6 months since the passage of the Senior Property Tax Freeze program and – as of the filing of this lawsuit – the County Council still has not funded or staffed the program. Rather, the County Council has previously voted to reject funding for this program.

Other similarly situated Counties have provided funding for the implementation of a similar program. St. Charles County, which has about a third of the estimated eligible taxpayers and one less factor for staffers to check, was able to hire an additional employee to implement the program. St. Charles County already rolled out the application for a Senior Property Tax Freeze and St. Charles County Collector of Revenue Michelle McBride stated she believes 15 or 20 staffers might be able to handle St. Louis County’s workload.

The lawsuit makes clear the County Council’s excessive delay, incompetence, and political grandstanding has caused significant financial harm to all seniors in St. Louis County eligible for the Senior Property Tax Freeze, ultimately resulting in tax increases for Seniors in St. Louis County.