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Press Release: Rep. Cyndi Buchheit-Courtway announces bid for Missouri State Senate

With a strong commitment to the values and needs of Rural Missourians, State Representative Cyndi Buchheit-Courtway has officially declared her candidacy for the Missouri State Senate. This open seat includes part of Jefferson, Crawford, St. Francois, Ste. Genevieve, and Washington counties. Buchheit Courtway will appear on the Republican primary ballot in August 2024.

“As a real conservative, I know what it means to fight for our rights and values in Jefferson City. We don’t have the option to play politics like they do in Washington when everyday Missourians are relying on us to deliver for them. We need less fake Republicans coasting along and more leaders who will work for our values, like protecting life and defending our Second Amendment rights. We need folks who know what life is like for us in rural Missouri.”

A true conservative Republican, Buchheit-Courtway brings a unique combo of real life experience and a passion for serving her community to her campaign. As state representative, she has earned a reputation for unwavering dedication, integrity, and always lending an ear – and a helping hand – to her constituents.

Buchheit-Courtway believes that the Biden administration’s handling of immigration has been an unmitigated disaster. “The federal government’s inaction has dictated that we as a state must join other states in addressing the clear and present threat of an open border. We stand by watching as terrorists, drugs, gangs, and Chinese nationals pour into our country. I support deploying our National Guard and resources to stop this flow. I support state action to ensure that illegal aliens do not harm Missourians.” stated Buchheit-Courtway.

She continues, “I believe until Communist China stops the flow of deadly fentanyl that results in thousands of deaths annually in the state of Missouri, all public funds should be barred from investing in China and companies associated with the Chinese Communist government.”

“Missouri is like no other place, and I am proud to call it home.” she continued. “The past few years, we’ve seen skyrocketing inflation and a vindictive Biden administration work to tear apart our way of life and the values we hold dear. As a wife, mom, and grandma, I am deeply committed to upholding the conservative values that define Missouri so that our children and grandchildren can continue to enjoy living and working in our state,” said Buchheit-Courtway.

Those values include protecting our Second Amendment rights, supporting the right to life, backing law enforcement, promoting economic freedom, cutting taxes for working families, and ensuring every child receives a quality education.

“It is critical that parents have transparency and complete access to their children’s education and their local schools. Expanding parental rights and focusing on math, science, and reading instead of the woke illogical social activism will be the focus of my work in the legislature.”

Buchheit-Courtway is a proud Missourian, “Missouri is home. Our district is home. I can’t sit by any longer and watch the country I love be betrayed by the Biden Administration and fake conservatives. In the state senate, I will continue the fight to get the government off our backs and win freedom for hard working families. I look forward to earning the votes of the people of the 3rd Senate district.”