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Press Release: Tila makes campaign official


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo – With an agenda of cutting taxes and reducing spending, Tila (Rowland) Hubrecht officially filed papers with the Secretary of State’s Office today announcing she will be a candidate for State Representative. Her trip to Jefferson City was unique because she has already been nominated by the 151st legislative committee to run as the Republican nominee in the special election, but she also filed to run as a republican in the regular 2014 election.

Because of the special election voters will have the chance to vote for Tila twice in August, once in the regular primary and once in the special election.  The last time this happed was when JoAnn Emerson ran in the special to replace her husband; Congressman Bill Emerson and voters had the opportunity to vote for JoAnn twice that day.

After the resignation of Representative Fowler, Tila was approached by several community leaders urging her to run for representative. Since that time she has been actively meeting with residents and today was the first day for candidates to file.  Tila said, “I have met with hundreds of voters around the district and my message of cutting taxes, reducing regulations, protecting life and defending the Second Amendment have been well received.  I was humbled to have so many supporters attend my kickoff rally and wish me well before I headed to Jefferson City Monday night.

Tila is a Stoddard County native and has been involved in the Republican Party her whole life. She graduated from Richland High School and went to college at Southeast Missouri State University.  After college, Tila spent eight years as a teacher in our public schools with six of those in the Bloomfield School District. After teaching Tila moved into the healthcare field which helped her gain a better understanding of government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

Bob Thrower who ran for representative in 2012 said, “Having someone like Tila who has been a teacher and nurse, who raised her family here in Stoddard County, is a perfect background to represent our community.  She shares our conservative values and I know Tila will work to help our local farmers and businesses, while voting to protect life and defend the Second Amendment.”

She first became interested in politics while working as a volunteer on Congressman Bill Emerson’s campaigns in the nineties.  When asked why she decided to run for State Representative Tila commented, “I am very concerned about the direction of our state.  I want to help find waste in some of the big government programs and make them more efficient.  I believe my background in education as well as healthcare will allow me to implement reforms that will return local control of our schools and give patients more choices

Tila has raised just over $10,000 since beginning her campaign which shows strong support so early in this race. “It’s going to take close to 68,000 to run a winning campaign but I am extremely thankful to all those who have already contributed.  As we tell folks about the issues we are fighting for they are very willing to not only donate their money, but their time and talent as well,” Tila remarked.

Barb Myers, a local resident added, “Tila is a committed conservative who shares our values.  We need principled leaders who will go to Jefferson City and stand up for what we believe and I know Tila will be fighting for us from day one.”

Her family currently attends Sweet Prospect Baptist Church and before that were members of Frist Baptist in Dexter, Missouri. Tila has also been an active member in the Civil Air Patrol unit based in Malden. She is married to Bryan Hubrecht, a retired veteran of the Army who served in Afghanistan and together they are raising two daughters who attend Dexter high school.  She concluded by saying, “I am thankful to have the support of my family in this effort and I look forward to visiting with all the voters in the 151stdistrict as we work together to make southeast Missouri a better place to live, work and raise our families.”