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Opinion: Protecting the integrity of Missouri’s elections

Missouri is the most pro-life state in the union, we have the strongest Second Amendment protections, and now, we have the safest and fairest elections in the country.


Our republic only works when citizens can trust that their vote matters. Unfortunately in recent years, that trust has been dealt some heavy blows. That is why my conservative colleagues and I made it a priority to pass ironclad protections that ensure every legal voter in Missouri has the ability to cast a ballot, but without having to worry that their vote would be canceled by fraud.

Liberals on the left are already crying foul. They hate that Missouri now has common-sense election integrity protections that any reasonable person would agree simply ensure Show Me State elections are only for Missouri citizens.

Liberals hate that voters will need to show a photo ID to vote. This is the single most foolproof way to ensure those who try to commit voter fraud don’t make it to the ballot box.

Liberals hate that we’re cutting out the ability of coastal elites to have any influence on our election equipment or staff. We’ve banned outside donations to election authorities, and from 2024 on, all Missouri citizens will cast their votes through paper ballots.

And finally, liberals hate that we’ve given the secretary of state (Missouri’s chief election official) the ability to review the list of registered voters in any jurisdiction. This streamlines the process of removing past voters who are deceased or have moved out of Missouri from the rolls.

As the chairman of the Elections Committee, I’m proud to have supported and voted yes for all of these common-sense measures. Missourians deserve to know their election system is trustworthy, and that their vote matters.