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Press Release: Republican Mike Jones seeks to flip Platte County state representative seat

PLATTE COUNTY, MO – Veteran Mike Jones has announced his candidacy for Missouri House District 12. The district is currently held by Rep. Jamie Johnson (D). Jones, who is the only Republican candidate to publicly announce, is aiming to return the seat to Republican leadership. After redistricting, the district became an open seat, leading to a high-profile race and large spending by both sides. Jones will appear on the 2024 August Republican primary ballot. If successful, he will move onto the general election to face off against Johnson.

“Platte County is my home, and I want it to be represented by someone who reflects our community’s values. I think we deserve better than the extreme tax-and-spend ideology and divisive identity politics to which our current state representative has aligned herself,” said Jones. “Platte County is the fastest growing county in Missouri. We are blessed to have many entrepreneurs, family businesses, and hardworking citizens from a variety of backgrounds that should be rewarded—not punished by the state—for their efforts to bolster our local economy.”

Jones, an Air Force veteran and local business owner, has underlined economic growth as a cornerstone of his platform. From property tax reform to cutting wasteful spending in the state legislature, ensuring families can afford the ever-rising costs of living should be the chief priority for any state official, according to Jones.

“We are seeing inflation rates that are out of control nationwide. The average price of a home has doubled in just a couple years! A regular trip to the grocery store has become a daunting venture for many. If we are expected to reign in spending and be extra careful to make ends meet, there is absolutely no reason the government shouldn’t be doing the same! Missourians need tax relief, not more frivolous government spending programs that create more problems than they solve.”

Jones has also highlighted family empowerment in education and keeping politics out of the classroom as core concerns for his campaign. He hopes to see more efforts in the state house to defend core constitutional rights and uphold America’s foundational values. He highlights this as the stark difference between himself and the incumbent.

“I believe that our education system should be teaching students how to think, not what to think. Lately, we’ve seen disturbing reports of inappropriate materials and straight-up propaganda being pushed onto our children; I will put a stop to this to protect our youth from radical agendas. Through greater opportunities for families to choose the best options to fit their students’ individual education needs, we can ensure they are equipped with skills for lifelong success. While the far-left democrat representing us in the capitol is more concerned with dividing us into categories that are pitted against one another, I believe the only label that matters is that we are all Americans. We must stop letting ‘woke’ politicians dictate what we are allowed to say and think and get our government back on track to serving We The People.”

Mike is a lifelong Missourian and a longtime District 12 resident; he and his wife, Michelle, reside within the Kansas City limits and are proud parents and grandparents. They attend Antioch Bible Baptist Church and enjoy spending time with their family and exploring all the great activities that Platte County has to offer.

Mike Jones has retained Axiom Strategies to serve as consultants on his campaign.