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Sain looks to serve as assistant minority floor leader


A freshman representative who defeated an incumbent to flip a red seat blue, is seeking to step up to party leadership. 

On Friday, Rep. Matt Sain announced through an email to colleagues his intention to run for assistant minority floor leader. The position has been vacant since the end of April when Rep. DaRon McGee resigned from the Missouri General Assembly. 

 “I believe that the position of assistant floor leader should be held by a member who can assist in running the floor, direct members to speak on bills, and who has an expansive knowledge of our House rules,” Sain said in a statement. “This is especially important when less than five Democratic bills were introduced on the floor this past session. The majority is stifling our voices and our constituents’ voices.”

Residing in Kansas City, Sain was first elected to the Missouri House in 2018, successfully defeating incumbent Republican Rep. Kevin Corlew. In his first session, he focused on improving public schools, senior services, and Medicaid. He also pushed for the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act (MONA) — which he was able to get to the floor as a proposed amendment, though the underlying amendment was withdrawn by the Republican lawmaker.

He was successful in adding an amendment to SB 210 to designate the St. Louis Blues as the official hockey team of the state of Missouri.  

Sain noted that his experiences in the House “has allowed me to see the positive differences we can make through our continued hard work and diligence to tackle the tough issues facing our state.” 

He plans on reaching out to the members of his party to discussion legislative agendas, as well as how as a caucus they can more effectively advocate in the General Assembly. Sain said he is looking forward to those visits.