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State Rep. Peggy McGaugh and State Sen. Denny Hoskins Announce Funding for Amtrak Station in Carrollton

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo – Carrollton residents are one step closer to being able to conveniently enjoy the services of Amtrak’s popular Southwest Chief Line. State Rep. Peggy McGaugh and State Sen. Denny Hoskins announced today the state operating budget approved by the General Assembly includes $1 million in funding for the proposed stop in Carrollton.
The General Assembly gave its stamp of approval to the state spending plan on Friday, May 6. HB 3020, which makes up part of the budget, includes the $1 million in funding for planning, design, maintenance, or construction of an Amtrak Station located in Carrollton. The funding requires a local match.
“For years Amtrak has passed through Carrollton without stopping. When the Carrollton community came to Rep. McGaugh and I, we worked hard to secure funding for an Amtrak stop in Carrollton. We are excited to help promote tourism and travel to the community by securing funds for a new train stop in Carrollton,” said Hoskins, R-Warrensburg.
“I want to thank Senator Hoskins and all the members of the General Assembly for supporting this important project that means so much to our area,” said McGaugh, R-Carrollton. “I think it’s important that we re-establish rural stops for our railways so visitors can enjoy our beautiful part of the state and our residents can take advantage of this wonderful form of transportation.”
With the approval of the General Assembly, HB 3020 now needs only the governor’s signature to go into effect.