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Press Release: Entrepreneur and Community Leader Matthew Porter Announces Candidacy for Missouri Lieutenant Governor

Renowned Missouri entrepreneur and dedicated community advocate Matthew E. Porter has officially launched his campaign for Missouri Lieutenant Governor in the Republican primary, aiming to bring a conservative vision and effective leadership to the state’s highest offices.

“My vision for Missouri is one in which our children are proud to call it their home. Where Missouri is a place all our children consider raising families and building careers,” Porter said. “I am running for Lieutenant Governor because Missouri is falling behind. As a successful entrepreneur, husband of a nurse practitioner, father of three children, and as someone living with MS, I have witnessed first-hand where Missouri is lagging.” As the founder and Vice Chairman of Contegix, a prominent cloud computing firm based in Saint Louis, Missouri, Porter used his business leadership to grow Contegix and provide more than 300 quality jobs for Missouri and American families. Porter will use his track record of success in the business sector to fight for business-friendly policies and family-supporting jobs for all Missourians willing to work.

“The number of Fortune 500 companies in Missouri has decreased from 12 in 2003 to 8 in 2023. Revenues for the year are lagging 1.45% behind collections for the previous fiscal year. College graduates are leaving for out-of-state jobs, trade labor is in short supply, businesses are relocating and expanding into other states, and our leaders in the capital are arguing over parking spots instead of discussing how to make it easier for companies to conduct business in our state. My plan for our state is one that focuses on economic development and public safety, leading to a burgeoning Missouri.”

Porter’s passion for service extends beyond the boardroom and into his community. Porter currently serves as a member of the Advisory Board for the National MS Society and The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, driven by a personal mission to support those living with rare medical issues to lead healthy, productive lives and to continue being vital parts of their communities.

“As a committed husband and father, entrepreneur, and community leader, I am running for Lieutenant Governor because I believe in the power of service, innovation, and resilience to shape a brighter future for all Missourians. Together, we can build a stronger, thriving Missouri where every family has the opportunity to succeed.”

Porter said his campaign centers around a conservative vision for Missouri’s future, emphasizing real leadership and sustainable economic growth. His platform, “The Porter Plan for Missouri’s Conservative Renaissance,” outlines key priorities that include:

● Business Attraction and Retention: Implementing pro-growth tax policies, reducing regulatory burdens, and fostering a robust workforce to attract and nurture businesses in Missouri.

● Public Safety: Supporting law enforcement officers with necessary resources and ensuring prosecutors uphold the law to keep communities safe.

● Tourism: Promoting Missouri’s diverse attractions and leveraging tourism as a major revenue source for the state.

● Agriculture: Harnessing the strength of Missouri’s agriculture industry to advance next-generation energy production and contribute to national energy independence.

“I am not in this race to ensure I have a job next year. I am running to ensure Missourians have stable jobs, extending well beyond my time in office. With a strong workforce, business-friendly tax and regulatory structure, safe communities, and a leading agriculture industry, Missourians will be on a path to prosperity.”

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