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The Start of a New Legislative Session      

By Sen. Mike Parson, R-Bolivar

One of the biggest challenges the general assembly will face this year is combating the continual abuse of power by the federal government through overreaching executive orders and manipulation of federal rules circumventing the United States Congress, the people’s elected representatives.

President Obama’s executive action on firearms is troubling, as his administration is once again overstepping clear Constitutional boundaries and interfering with the liberties of law-abiding citizens. The right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment is a fundamental individual right and the President has no authority to curtail this right. I know the Second Amendment is vital, and I will fight any effort to undermine our gun rights.

In an attempt to reduce unnecessary state regulations I have introduced Senate Bill 664. Currently, farm corporations and family farms are required to submit a corporate registration report with the Missouri Secretary of State’s office annually. Senate Bill 664 changes this requirement and asks farmers to only update this information when their corporate status changes. Our state’s farmers should be working the land, not filling out paperwork.