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“To North Kansas City” advertising campaign launched to move the Royals to Clay County

Things are heating up in the Kansas City area as the Kansas City Royals prepare to make a decision on the location of their new stadium.

An advertising campaign has launched in the Kansas City market to support efforts for the Kansas City Royals to choose Clay County for their new stadium.

The advertisement contained a web address,, which contains information on the benefits of a Clay County stadium. The website also shows the television ad.

“The television ad that started today reflects the amount of excitement regarding this possible move to the Northland by the Royals,” said former city councilwoman Heather Hall. “There’s a lot of enthusiasm about this opportunity for North Kansas City and the state of Missouri as a whole.”

“Let’s go Royals… to North Kansas City” is the theme of the ad, voiced-over by Kansas City radio personality Steven St. John.

“Clay County is on the move [as a] major league county,” per the television ad. The commercial continues to outline the opportunity for the Northland to get their fair share, receiving $1 billion in private funding.

The ad continues by describing the ad as “a true neighborhood ballpark with ample parking and tailgate opportunities.”

“The renderings that were provided by the Royals were incredible,” said Hall. “We couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity!”

The new website includes a link to the ad, as well as a list of all benefits, and allows visitors the opportunity to sign up for updates.

The ad was not paid for or approved by the Royals