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Trump to visit Missouri on tax overhaul tour


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – President Donald Trump is expected to visit the Show-Me State next week, per a report by Bloomberg.

The Republican President is returning to Missouri months after winning the election with a 19 point victory in the state.

He’s expected to be promoting his tax cut agenda, with a stop in Springfield, Mo. as the first stop in a series of nationwide appearances for his proposed overhaul of the federal tax system. The news comes just one week after a comment from Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal in which she said she hoped the President would be assassinated.

At a press briefing Thursday, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said an announcement on tax reform could be coming next week.

“Tax relief and the focus on tax relief for middle-class Americans is a huge priority for this administration and certainly going to be a big focus in the fall. And we’re going to look at a lot of different ways in which to talk about that and present that to the American people, working with Congress to make sure that that happens,” Sanders said. “We’ll keep you guys posted whether there are specific announcements. I think that you can expect some of that to take place in the very short order, probably next week and following through to the fall.”

According to Bloomberg, the president is “not expected to set forth his own plan or many specifics”, but rather is looking to lead a public campaign to rally support as lawmakers look to put together a new approach to revamp tax policies.

Trump is expected to “advocate broad themes of middle-class tax cuts, simplifying the tax code and making businesses more competitive in a way that encourages job creation,” an official told Bloomberg.

The visit is expected to happen Wednesday, but details are still being finalized at this time.