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TWMP talks veto session: Right to Work, minimum wage, and more

ST. LOUIS — Guests came on This Week In Missouri Politics to discuss the coming veto session next week and 2016 campaigns.

State Senator Bob Onder, a St. Charles County Republican, joined host Scott Faughn as the special guest this week, where he discussed, among other things, his support of Right-to-Work legislation.

“Ultimately the question is are you going to do be intimated by special interested or are you going to do what’s right for the state of Missouri and I think ultimately we’re going to have 17 votes [in the House],” Onder said.

Onder and Faughn went on to discuss some legislation drowned-out by the Right-to-Work debate, including bills scaling back unemployment benefits and prohibiting local cities from raising their minimum wage, as well as discussing the debate about using state money to build a new NFL stadium in St. Louis. Onder also discussed his part on the senate Sanctity of Life Committee and his thoughts on 2016.

Republican Rep. Shane Roden, Republican strategist David Barklage, St. Louis Labor Council President Pat White and Democratic strategist and communications consultant Jack Cardetti joined Faughn on his Opinion Maker Panel.

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“The governor’s veto will be sustained next week and it will be sustained by Republican supporters, by Republicans who are opposed to Right-to-Work. Everyone knows what this is about, this isn’t about helping our economy, it’s about breaking up unions, opposing their right to organize, and lowering their wages and benefits.” – Cardetti on Right-to-Work.

“It’s an issue where I wouldn’t have started the battle unless I knew I could win it. And I think both sides wish it was that way that we didn’t have to fight this battle unless it was very clear that one side or another was going to win. This is going to be a real struggle and I think it’ll carry into November of next year.” – Barklage on Right-to-Work

“There’s enough of us that realize the implications to allow cities to implement their own minimum wage. I mean for God’s sake, there’s 90 municipalities in the St. Louis county region alone, can you imagine as a business owner having to keep track of where every single employee is if you travel for your job, it’s going to restrict the time in that city. Over regulation kills our economies.” – Roden on the “bag bill” and minimum wage restrictions.

“As an organization, we believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. The AFL-CIO has always been for raising the wage. You’ve had people on both sides and at this table saying it’s going to come down to a legal fight. I think we need action from the state. I think we need to stop attacking workers at the state level. We need to start talking about education and minimum wage. They need to get stuff done in Jefferson City.” – White on the minimum wage.