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Whispering Gallery Invitational – Round 1 vote update

Voting for the Whispering Gallery Invitational for the prestigious David Barklage Cup began on Monday when Senate reconvened. Voting for the first round will close when the house adjourns on Thursday.

Many people who are in the bracket have become enthusiastic, taking their campaign for the Barklage Cup to Twitter. #BarklageCup has been chosen and utilized by those discussing the invitational and voting. Many campaign photos of puppies and babies have been posted, but one contender, Mark Jones, has started utilizing meme-style pictures (including Willy Wonka) to support his efforts. We love the creativity, but surely the two days left in first round voting will bring more than just pictures of babies and puppies that come close to matching the raw competitiveness of Jason Rosenbaum, who created a video.

Half the contenders will make it through to the next round. There are several close match-ups that have us on the edge of our seats – be sure to show your support by voting, retweeting, and using #BarklageCup to get the word out. Do not forget about that $5 Bones gift certificate that is part of the prize pack for the winner of the prestigious David Barklage Cup winner!

You can vote by clicking here. 

#BarklageCup Twitter Campaign Highlights (Click to enlarge)

Mark Jones Jane Duecker Mark Jones Michael Calhoun Richard Callow Jane Duecker Caleb Rowden Elijah Haahr Robert CornejoMissy Pinkerton


Voting results as of 6:00pm

King of All Media Region

Tony Messenger 62%

Michael Calhoun 38%


Eli Yokley 48%

Dave Drebes 52%


Jo Mannies 70%

Rudi Keller 30%


Jason Hancock 60%

John Hancock 40%


Virginia Young 52%

McGraw Milhaven 48%


Mark Reardon 58%

Jennifer Haro 41%


Jonathan Shorman 46%

Steve Kraske 54%


Jason Rosenbaum 69%

Marshall Griffin 31%


Political Hack Region

Jane Dueker 59%

Missy Pinkerton 41%


Ed Martin 36%

Roy Temple 63%


Caitlin Legacki 57%

Gentry Trotter 42%


Michael Sean Kelley 52%

Megan Shackelford 48%


Jeff Mazur 58%

Sean Nicholson 41%


Richard Martin 23%

Sarah Felts 76%


Jeff Aboussie 54%

Mark Jones 45%


Richard Callow 55%

Eddy Justice 45%


MissourAH Region

Peter Kinder 49%

Rocky Miller 51%


Jason Crowell 50%

Barry Aycock 50%


Eric Burlison 57%

Carl Bearden 42%


Caleb Jones 72%

Robert Ross 27%


Caleb Rowden 63%

Doug Libla 36%


Todd Richardson 46%

TJ McKenna 53%


Elijah Haahr 56%

Joe Don McGaugh 43%


Chris Kelly 73%

Dave Schatz 26%


MissourEE Region

Mayor Slay 71%

Jon Carpenter/Jay Swearingen 28%


Robert Cornejo 47%

Mike Cierpiot 52%


Jeff Smith 62%

Antonio French 37%


Jason Kander 53%

Ryan Silvey 47%


John Diehl 51%

Mike Colona 49%


Tim Jones 40%

Tishaura Jones 60%


Jamilah Nasheed 51%

Eric Schmitt 48%


John Lamping 62%

Jason Grill 37%