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Windham files bill to limit vehicle impounding


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri State Representative Kevin Windham has filed a bill to help people who are arrested from incurring additional financial burdens. House Bill 1100 changes language in Missouri statute and clarifies a portion of the law that relates to the impounding of vehicles. Windham said the change allows a person 48 hours to make arrangements for an abandoned vehicle instead of immediate impounding.

“House Bill 1100 serves two purposes – to clearly define current state statute and to eliminate the punitive impounding of vehicles driven by a person who is under arrest,” explained Windham, D – Hillsdale. “Punitive impounding can be especially burdensome to low-income persons who have not been convicted of a crime.”

Windham said it’s crucial to clearly define the statute to provide relief to low-income persons who might get arrested but not officially charged. Currently, when a citizen is stopped for any offense and arrested, the vehicle is impounded and held with additional fees, which can be a substantial burden for low-income persons.

“With this change, a person would have 48 hours to make arrangements to move the vehicle from the roadway without incurring the additional expenses of having the vehicle impounded,” said Windham. “For someone who isn’t convicted of a crime, this reduces the punishment of being arrested.”