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Feel Good about the Royals


By Rep. Lauren Arthur, R-Kansas City

Lauren Arthur RoyalsThe Kansas City Royals, ladies and gentlemen! I was born and raised in KCMO, so I learned to love the Royals before I could walk. I’ve been going to games my whole life. I can tell you what seat has the best view and where to find the tastiest corndogs. In my work as a Missouri State Representative, though, it has become apparent that not all Missourians share my unconditional, devoted love. Many bleed Cardinal red instead of Royal blue.

I guess that’s understandable. We experienced some lean years—lean decades, really. No one likes one hundred loss seasons or players falling over tarps. Meanwhile, as we suffered through the doldrums of lackluster baseball, the Cardinals established themselves as perennial contenders. I never lost hope. The community of Kansas City stood steadfast. But, I don’t blame someone in Columbia or Akers for choosing winning baseball over losing baseball.

So, I’m here to offer fandom amnesty. It’s time to rekindle your love for the Kansas City Royals. The bandwagon has room—but, hurry. These Royals play with enthusiasm and grit. Their runners steal bases, and their defense steals runs. Yordano Ventura throws fire. Wade Davis is superhuman. Lorenzo Cain can and will catch anything. I challenge you to find a more likable guy than Mike Moustakas or Alex Gordon or Salvador Perez.

The 2015 Royals smile a lot because they enjoy each other and winning together. Watching them is a ton of fun. They have made this city proud, and they’ll make you proud too. That doesn’t mean you must foresake the Cardinals. You can root for them. You can take delight in their victories and agonize over their defeats. And, when the World Series comes, if the Royals and the Cardinals remain, you can pick your favorite team. If you give the Royals a genuine opportunity, though, you might find that blood of yours turning a blueish hue.