Lembke walks back support of Greitens, calls for resignation


A former Republican state legislator took to Facebook over the weekend to apologize for his endorsement and early support of now-Gov. Eric Greitens. Jim Lembke also went on to say Greitens now brings “disgrace” to the office and should he fail to resign, the House should start impeachment proceedings as soon as possible.

“This apology is a long time coming. I want to ask the forgiveness of all my FB friends that may have supported Eric Greitens because of my endorsement and early support,” Lembke wrote.

Lembke, who served in the Missouri House and the Missouri Senate, came out in support of Greitens early in the gubernatorial race and served as a statewide co-chair on the campaigns’ leadership team.  

“Since his election to governor, I have seen example after example that question the man’s character,” Lembke continues in his post. “The governor has lied to his wife, he has lied to the people of Missouri. He campaigned on cleaning up Jefferson City, instead, he has fed the climate of secrecy and corruption. Not only is he under criminal indictment, he also is being investigated for the use of the confide app which may have violated the Missouri Sunshine law and the AG is investigating his campaign’s use of the Mission Continues donor list. This weeks release of the report by the Special House Investigating Committee is the last straw. The governor is an embarrassment to himself, his family and our state. I can forgive the man if he ask for my forgiveness, but I will not excuse his behavior. There must be a consequence for a leader who brings disgrace to their office.

“I am calling for the governor to resign. If he fails to do the right thing, the House should move to impeach as soon as possible.”