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This Week in the Governor’s Office: Week of Feb. 11, 2019


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Once again, workforce development and infrastructure took center stage for Missouri’s chief executive.

Gov. Mike Parson traveled the state promoting his proposal to repair 250 bridges through a $351 million bond. He also spent time visiting schools, touring businesses, and meeting with a variety of groups including veterans, agriculturalists, and local officials.

Wednesday kicked off a statewide ‘Focus on Bridges’ tour. Over a two-day period, Parson visited bridges in Kansas City, Hannibal, St. Louis, St. Clair, and Phelps County.

“Missouri has one of the nation’s largest highway systems with one of the lowest levels of funding in the country – it is now time to fix Missouri’s infrastructure needs,” Parson said. “Our plan to address Missouri’s critical infrastructure needs, funded through budget savings, will accelerate more than $1 billion worth of local projects with no new tax dollars.”

Parson leads statewide infrastructure effort to ‘Focus on Bridges’

Infrastructure was also the highlight of Parson’s address at the Missouri Municipal League’s annual conference.

“Even if we get this passed, even if it happens, it is a bandage for a major problem,” said Parson. “If you want businesses to come to your town, if you want businesses to come to this state, you gotta face infrastructure.”

Parson, Schatz stress infrastructure at annual Missouri Municipal League conference

Parson travelled to southeast Missouri on Friday. He toured SRG Global, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of chrome plated plastic parts, met with 5th-graders in Richland Public Schools who were building robots for a STEM classroom project, and visited the Stars & Stripes Museum.

Throughout the week, Parson meet with a variety of different groups including the Missouri Primary Care Association, the Missouri Retired Teachers Association, and the Missouri Pork Producers Association.