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This Week in the PSC: February 14, 2019


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The Missouri Public Service Commission worked through seven agenda items on Thursday, including opening a case to evaluate ways to increase electric vehicle charging stations.

At the weekly agenda meeting, the commission opened a working case with the aim to evaluate potential mechanisms for further development of Missouri’s electric vehicle charging network.

Participants in the workshops are free to look at any model or combination of models, the PSC is particularly interested in evaluating three models. The commission has directed the working case to look at a model similar to Kansas City Power & Light Company’s last rate case where the company can own and operate the charging stations, a “Make Ready” tariff proposal that includes an option to waive line extension charges for separately metered EV charging, and an alternate incentive program where program parameters, implementation, and cost recovery would be evaluated and defined in the context of a future rate proceeding.

A workshop will be held on March 21, 2019, from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm in Room 450 of the Governor Office Building in Jefferson City. The public can submit comments through writing or online.

The PSC also approved an agreement which authorizes Confluence Rivers Utility Operating Company, Inc. to purchase assets of certain water and sewer systems which are located in nine Missouri counties

Under the agreement, Confluence Rivers has been granted authority to purchase the regulated water and/or sewer systems of Smithview H2O Company, M.P.B., Inc., Mill Creek Sewers, Inc., Roy L Utilities, Inc., Evergreen Lake Water Company, Gladlo Water & Sewer Company, Inc., The Willows Utility Company and Calvey Brook Water and Sewer.

“Considering the present troubled nature of the systems at issue, the Company’s sound track record in rehabilitating similarly situated systems, the Company’s ability to acquire, maintain, and operate the systems, and the statutory obligation of the Commission to ensure safe and adequate service, allowing the Company to acquire the Selling Companies’ assets per the terms and conditions of the Stipulation will not be detrimental to the public,” said the commission.

Current water and sewer rates will stay the same as a result of the agreement approved by the commission.

Wisper ISP Inc. was granted designation as an eligible telecommunications carrier by the PSC. The commission also overturned the North American Numbering Plan Administrator’s Decision and granted Southwestern Bell Telephone Company’s request to obtain a one-thousands block from which 100 consecutive numbers can be drawn.

The PSC dismissed a case without prejudice that alleged Ameren Missouri overbilled a customer. The customer stated he no longer wished to pursue the claim and commission staff concluded Ameren had violated no applicable statutes.