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An open letter to the Missouri Republican Party

I would like to take a moment to discuss the current idea that is going around in political circles of alternating the state party chair position (in the Missouri Republican Party) between a woman and a man. In other words, the idea of alternating them every two-year cycle.

It may go without saying that qualifications, regardless of gender, are key to overseeing any business, and certainly political parties are businesses. Not much different in running a party than in running a business. Gender doesn’t matter, of course, but variety and fresh ideas from a different perspective can and often do benefit the business or political party.

During my term (a two-year cycle), I learned that a political party chair will get blamed for things he or she did not do and get credit for things he or she did not do. I guess it all evens out. And often, I thought that serving as CEO of the Missouri Republican Party was a lot like stomping out brushfires barefoot across Kansas. One had better have some measure of leather skin.

That’s only one qualification that both men and women require for this job. There are others that are equally important. For example, in today’s world, leaders simply must be adept at social media skills. In any 24-hour period, the news and politics can “change on a dime”, as we know. One must be informed and ready to act. A political party chair position, indeed, requires that vital communication skill.

My suggestion to our Party is simple and short, let’s consider alternating the job between a man and a woman each cycle, yes, I like that idea. But, and only if, there is someone fully qualified to fill the post. It is not necessarily about doing it for the sake of “taking turns”. Another thought is to consider which individual is best equipped to serve in that particular time frame. What is the world like right now? What is the political climate on the ground like right now? Which individual will best serve the next two-year political cycle? Is it a man or is it a woman that is best suited for the next political cycle? As a Party we need to think seriously about this and choose wisely.

I’m thinking the time is right to elect a woman.