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Axiom Strategies announces the formation of Remington Research Group

(Kansas City/Washington, DC): Axiom Strategies, the largest Republican political consulting firm in the country, announced the formation of Remington Research Group, a political and corporate polling firm. Remington Research Group (RRG), led by Titus Bond, has quickly become one of the most accurate polling firms in the country, after RRG was one of the only polling firms to correctly predict Donald Trump’s presidential victory. The firm polls for gubernatorial, senatorial and congressional races as well as large corporations.

Remington Research Groups achieves exceptional rates of accuracy by striving to ensure all subsets of the electorate are represented in its surveys. While polling conducted by other firms is limited by a stratification and quota system, RRG is not limited by stratifying and filling quotas; RRG collects a very large sample via IVR and then targets other methods to those subsets that do not possess a landline. RRG targets live calls, cell phones, and groups of voters that data show are cell phone-only subsets. Further, RRG has the ability to reach subsets with social media and, if necessary, door-to-door and in-person interviews.

These methods have produced accurate results where the polling industry as a whole came up short, including in the 2014 Governor and U.S. Senate races in Kansas, the 2016 presidential election, and the 2017 special election in Georgia’s 6th congressional district.

“Remington Research Group uses broader sample sizes than other firms, leading to greater accuracy and an overall better read on the electorate,” said Titus Bond, President of Remington Research Group. “We are proud to offer political and corporate clients the most scientifically sophisticated and meticulous polling in the industry.”

“I’ve known Titus for years, and his attention to detail, work ethic, and pursuit of excellence is known industry-wide,” said Jeff Roe, founder and CEO of Axiom Strategies. “When you conduct a poll with Remington Research Group, you know it will be accurate.”

The announcement of Axiom’s formation of Remington Research Group comes on the heels of Axiom’s acquisition of High Cotton Consulting, a D.C.-based fundraising firm, the introduction of Axiom’s Direct Voter Contact division, and the formation of AxMedia, Axiom’s media buying firm. Axiom has also recently announced the acquisition of Cannon Research Group, a research firm, and Revolvis, a full-scale political consulting firm with a strong West Coast presence. With the addition of Cannon Research Group and Revolvis, Axiom Strategies now has offices in San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Seattle, as well as offices in Kansas City, Houston, Austin, Columbus, Annapolis, and Washington D.C.


About Titus Bond

Titus’ political career began when he took an internship in Congressman Sam Graves’ office, and he has been a core member of the Axiom team since 2006. Titus’ years of experience managing political campaigns, where he focused on polling and data, led him to develop a specific methodology that enables campaigns to poll accurately but affordably. In 2014, Titus began developing Remington Research Group, and was appointed President of the new company. In addition to his duties with Remington Research Group, Titus also oversees all phone voter contact for Axiom.

Titus Bond: My name is Titus Bond, and I handle all of the polling for Axiom Strategies. We utilize a non-traditional approach to public opinion research. A typical polling firm will go in with a benchmark survey at the beginning of a campaign, [and] cram in as many questions as they can; and then the consultants and the political team are having to rely on out-of-date data.

Titus Bond: So what we do is we offer a more cost-effective approach and methodology that allows us to continually monitor the electorate so that the political team has up-to-date and fresh data. Remington collects very large samples. Many times, up to and over 1,000 interviews of voters compared to the 400 or 500 that’s standard in the industry. The large samples mean a lower margin of error [and] statistically significant crosstabs that allow us to go down into a granular level on party, age, gender, and geography to really know where voters stand on the issues.

Titus Bond: A lot of pollsters don’t have experience actually working on the ground on a campaign and seeing all the components that go into it. What’s unique about our team at Remington is that we are well-rounded. We have experience in all facets of a political campaign that allows us to digest the data and to be able to communicate with the political team where we think resources will be spent best.

Titus Bond: A lot of people didn’t believe in us early on in our methodology, [but] we were one of the only polling firms to predict the Trump victory; we predicted Sam Brownback would be re-elected in Kansas; Pat Roberts to US Senate in Kansas. We continually test ourselves, we test our methodology, and we are constantly using research and development to adapt to the current political climate.