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Bean to run for Assistant Floor Leader

Jefferson City, Mo. — Sen. Jason Bean, R-Dunklin County, launched his bid for Senate leadership Friday. Bean issued a letter to his colleagues announcing his run for Assistant Majority Floor Leader,  focusing on accountability, consistency in leadership and the uniting of the Republican caucus.
“As a part of Senate leadership, I will be advocating for more transparency and keeping our word.  We will be consistent,” Bean said in his letter. “It is time for the Senate to embrace a single Republican caucus that focuses on traditional values and fundamentally conservative policies.”
Bean also commented on plans to ensure that Republicans remain an “overwhelming presence” in Missouri through a focus on fundraising.
Following an especially contentious spring session, characterized by filibusters over the state’s congressional map, Bean wants to ensure accountability and put an end to division.
Leadership cannot encourage or tolerate the divisive behavior we have seen for the past several years,” he said. “We will hold members accountable and, with my efforts, we can see a more productive and responsible Senate.”
The Senator from the Bootheel branded Joe Biden and those who support a progressive agenda as the forces that stand in the way of Missouri’s prosperity. For too long, Democrats have not been our opponent – we have been our own opponents,” Bean said. “We are at odds with anyone in the Missouri legislature who supports these corrosive big government policies.”
In his press release disbanding the conservative caucus and calling on leadership to do better, Sen. Bill Eigel, R-St Charles County, said he and his colleagues would support any Senator who will empower each member of the Senate to have their voices heard.
“I hope they also mean empowering our Democrat Senators to have their voices heard too,” Senate Minority Leader John Rizzo, D-Jackson County, said in response to Eigel’s letter.
Bean wasn’t a member of the conservative caucus, although his words about leadership align with many of the statements made by Eigel.
Sen. Bill White, R-Jasper County, currently serves as the Assistant Majority Floor Leader, he was defeated in the GOP primary by Jill Carter in what was considered a large upset.
Bean’s announcement that he is seeking the Assistant Majority Leader’s office leaves Republican senators Mike Bernskoetter (Cole County), Cindy O’Laughlin (Shelby County) and Andrew Koenig (St. Louis County) as likely candidates.