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Hoflander aims to help generations understand each other in new book

Jefferson City, Mo — In a political climate characterized by contention and divides between generations and parties, former GOP party chairwoman Kay Hoflander seeks to offer a chance to understand an older generation.

In her new book, “Musings of a Baby Boomer, Life Before X, Y and Z,” Hoflander compiles her large collection of newspaper columns into a collection focused on the reluctant aging of her generation. Hoflander graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of Missouri and owned her own weekly newspaper, the Penny Post, in Boonville, Mo.

Hoflander then went on to write her own weekly newspaper column, “Full Circle,” a column tailored to baby boomers. “Full Circle” focuses the trials of aging as well as the adaptation — and sometimes lack thereof  — baby boomers have exhibited to a changing world around them.

“I think this is just a way, through humor and short stories, to help the younger generation understand their parents and grandparents,” Hoflander said. “Underlying all this is that baby boomers adapted to all this, or not.”

In an age where generational divides run deep, Hoflander believes understanding to the world each generation grows up in can help serve as a bridge.

“Each generation has a hard time understanding the younger generation,” she said. “The more we can learn, both ways, the better.”

Hoflander also hopes to provide context to the history of the baby boomer generation through her book, which is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Using her own experience, Hoflander hopes to provide insight into historical events baby boomers lived through.

“You need to understand history,” she said. “How do you do that? You understand what like was like then.”

As baby boomers age, Hoflander thinks that her book can offer a little comfort. Utilizing her signature style of using quotes to set the tone of her columns; Hoflander tackles issues ranging from “a complicated relationship with the GPS,” to heavier topics such as aging and disease.

She hopes that through humor and personal experience, she can help baby boomers deal with the realities of aging, as well as preserving their identity tied to their upbringing.

“This book is dedicated to anyone who comes to this unexpected epiphany — I’m the same inside,” Hoflander said. “You’re the same person.”

Featured Image Courtesy of Kay Hoflander.