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Bill Otto hired as new executive director of St. Charles County Democratic Central Committee


St. Charles County Democratic Central Committee is pleased to announce that they have hired the Honorable Bill Otto as their new Executive Director. As the new Executive Director Bill Otto will support local Democratic candidates in their bids to unseat ideologue extremists in St. Charles County and State government.   Bill presently resides in the MO 65th District in St Charles City.

Otto will support local Democratic candidates in their bids to unseat ideologue extremists in St. Charles County and State government.  “The Missouri Legislature has failed its citizens by not passing bills that would help to create jobs,” said Otto at a recent appearance.  “Attacking working men and women or overriding the will of the voters of this great state will not put people to work.  Creating jobs is the only thing that will move our communities and the Missouri economic engine forward”, as he laid out his priorities and goals.

“My time spent working in Jefferson City was highly informative and enlightening,” he said in a recent interview. “It would be beneficial for all Missourians to witness how the present conservative leaders in the legislature take every opportunity to sell them out to special interests and for as little as a free lunch.  They have betrayed struggling Missouri families by handing out large tax cuts for the rich while slashing spending on education; refusing to expand Medicaid to create jobs, and now the last straw of passing right to work in Missouri.  This conservative majority has shown time and time again where their priorities rest. If we as citizens are going to put this state back on the road to shared economic prosperity, we must start by electing genuine representatives of the people.”

Bill has been busy for many years working with his own campaigns.  His position as Executive Director will keep him even busier working with fired up Democratic candidates with integrity in 2018.  “St. Charles County needs to say goodbye to the good-old-boy system of dynastical leadership.  Only in St. Charles County is an elected official with numerous lawsuits, legal costs, and huge fines still the Director of Elections. This unethical nonsense needs to be reigned in.”  Voters and political activists are working now to change the path taken by the 2016 election year.  With the assistance of new Executive Director, Bill Otto, the citizens of St. Charles County will be well informed about the better choices they will have with the Democratic candidates. For more information about the St. Charles County Democrats, their candidates for 2018 and how to get involved in the elections process, call Bill at 636-946-1066.

Otto is retired after 31 years as an air traffic controller with his last 20 years spent at Lambert Airport.  He is a native of north St. Louis County and served seven years in the United States Navy after attending college at Meramec Junior College and the University of Missouri-St. Louis.  Otto has served on the Bridgeton City Council from 1989 to 1995 as well as numerous community activities.  He has worked in campaigns for numerous candidates. In 2012 he was elected to his first term in the Missouri House and was a leader in the efforts to end lobbyists gift.  He accepted zero dollars or gifts in all four of the years he served. Otto is married to Kathy with six children and five grandchildren.  Last year he ran a hard-fought campaign with no primary opposition for the 2nd district congressional seat.