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Blunt, Schmitt, and Parson tour growing businesses in final hours of campaign

ST. CHARLES, Mo. – U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt was joined on the campaign trail by Republican treasurer nominee Eric Schmitt and Republican lieutenant governor nominee Mike Parson in their bids for office.

Blunt, Schmitt and Parson toured small businesses around the Missouri-area to tout their support for entrepreneurship and industry. One stop included Patterson Mold and Tool in St. Charles.

James Martin, the owner of the business, said he appreciated the candidates’ interest in small businesses.

“It is nice to see that these leaders take a few minutes off the campaign trail to ask questions and listen to some of the things we are dealing with in growing our business,” Martin said. “There are many problems that the government creates while working to grow our business and add more employees, I’m looking forward to continuing to work with them on finding ways we can create a better climate to grow jobs in America.”

Blunt made it a point to contend that he could be the difference in the U.S. Senate between Democratic control and Republican control. Democratic contenders are expected to do well in many of the U.S. Senate races Tuesday, and Blunt is making an attempt to stave off Secretary of State Jason Kander to ensure the chamber stays red.

“In and around St Louis today, everyone was talking about what we need to do to create more jobs and less government,” Blunt said about the trip. “That starts with repealing and replacing Obamacare, pushing back against the out-of-control federal regulators, blocking job-killing energy taxes and making sure the national Democrats can’t force their amnesty agenda on us. I could very well be the 51st Republican senator next year, and I’ll take that kind of Missouri common sense with me to the Senate.”

Parson agreed.

“It’s critically important that we send Roy Blunt back to the U.S. Senate to ensure we have checks and balances on important issues like repealing Obamacare and the Supreme Court,” he said.

Schmitt commented on the enthusiasm for the Republican ticket that he has heard from voters, and also spoke about electing Republicans to combat the progressive movement.

“I’ve stood tall for the people of Missouri in the state senate where I authored two of the largest tax cuts in state history,” Schmitt said. “As state treasurer, I will protect taxpayer dollars, ensure greater transparency in how those dollars are spent and make certain that we fight the Obama mandate in the Iran deal that seeks to force states like Missouri to invest tax dollars with companies that do business Iran – a state sponsor of terrorism.”

Schmitt and Parson are joining Eric Greitens and other Republicans Monday in a statewide tour of Republican candidates.