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Buddy Hardin targeted for pro-Trump campaign mailer

St. Charles, Mo. — A St. Charles man was arrested Saturday evening after threatening Buddy Hardin, a Republican candidate running for election in House District (HD) 106.

The irate man approached Hardin’s residential home after receiving a campaign flier that highlights Hardin’s support of former President Donald Trump. The man called the support for Trump “treasonous.”

A video, captured on a ring doorbell, of the man’s altercation with Barbara J. Hall, Hardin’s wife, can be viewed here. Viewer discretion is advised.

Shortly after the video ended, the man told Hall that her husband deserved to be “shot by a kid with an AR-15.” He then went on to threaten Hall herself as well as the couple’s grandchildren, according to Hall.

Once Hardin returned home after the incident the two called the police and the man was arrested. Hardin is not pursuing a restraining order at this time. A copy of the police report can be viewed here.

Hardin hopes that there’s a lesson to learn from this altercation during a time of intense political tension.

“The only way to change the discourse in this country is to make it safe to say what you believe without worrying about someone coming to your door and threatening you,” Hardin said. 

A picture of the vandalized mail flyer the man left on Hardin’s porch can be viewed below, viewer discretion is advised, profane language is used.

Featured Image courtesy of Buddy Hardin