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Catanese: Brownback: ‘I want a nominee that’ll win’


By Dave Catanese

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback said electability would be a paramount factor for him when deciding which Republican to get behind in the next presidential race.

“I want a nominee that’ll win this next time around,” Brownback told The RUN in a brief interview following an address at the Midwest Republican Leadership Conference Friday.

When asked if that could be New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who earlier this month pumped up his own electability before Republican National Committee members, Brownback replied, “I don’t know who it is right now.”

“I do know the model of what you’re seeing out of the Republican governors is one that can governor in a nation that is overspent on its budget, that desperately needs to reform a number of its programs and its costs and that desperately needs growth taking place,” he said, advocating for a Flat Tax.

Brownback ran for president in 2008, but his campaign never gained the momentum needed to contest an actual primary.  The arch-conservative dropped his bid in October 2007.

When asked if he liked any of the early 2016 contenders, Brownback declined to answer.  ”I’m not going to say right now,” he said brimming a grin.

Another reported noted Brownback’s prior presidential run, which produced the time-honored obligatory question if he had ruled out ever running for the nation’s highest office again.

“I’ve been there before.  I’m very busy and I’m up for reelection in the state of Kansas,” he said, giving the typical answer that allows a pol to keep the door cracked open.  ”I’m busy running for reelection in the state.”

But he said he hoped the RNC would select Kansas City as its host in 2016.

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This post originally appeared in Catanese’s site Friday, Sept. 13. Catanese’s content is now being syndicated with The Missouri Times.