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Perry trip aimed at recruiting Missourians to Texas, stumping for HB 253 override

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Former Presidential Candidate and Texas Gov. Rick Perry is visiting Missouri tomorrow as part of his continuing trips around the country to recruit citizens and businesses from other states to move to Texas. Perry has made similar trips to California, Connecticut, Illinois and New York — […]

In-depth: Inside of the deteriorating Fulton State Hospital

FULTON, Mo. — There is a corkboard in one of the buildings at Fulton State Hospital, the state’s largest in-patient psychiatric facility. On the corkboard, patients have posted their goals of what they’d like to accomplish during their recovery. “I want to go home, rent a restaurant and get rich,” […]

Temple elected Chair of Missouri Democratic Party

KIRKSVILLE, Mo. — Political strategist Roy Temple was elected as the new Chairman of the Missouri Democratic Part today during a meeting with state Democratic leaders and supporters. A point used during the event, in an interview and on Twitter, Temple expounds on 436 days standing between right now and […]

Kander pens letter to Texas Gov. Perry about Missouri business “poaching”

KIRKSVILLE, Mo. — Secretary of State Jason Kander released a statement this morning about a letter he wrote to Texas Gov. Rick Perry. The letter addresses concerns Kander has about Perry’s $106,400 advertising campaign that promotes Texas’ economic climate — a campaign that already has reached Illinois, California and New York, […]

Campus-wide letter from Mizzou student president expresses concerns about HB 253

KIRKSVILLE, Mo. — A letter sent to all University of Missouri—Columbia students yesterday in an attempt to engage them in the much-debated income tax bill has drawn some eyes from both sides of the issue. Missouri Student Association President Nick Droege penned a letter to the student body expressing his […]

Dolan leaves Missouri Health Care Association

— Per a release from Missouri Health Care Association President Timothy Francka, Executive Director Jon Dolan left the Association Aug. 20 after eight years. Currently there is no replacement set for Dolan’s spot, and until a replacement is found Lorie Towe, MHCA Director of Regulatory Affairs, will be the Interim Executive […]

Kirksville joins list of cities that have expanded nondiscrimination policies

KIRKSVILLE — The Kirksville City Council voted 3-2 to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the City’s nondiscrimination policy Monday night during the second attempt at voting on this issue in the last two months. The ordinance went through more than a dozen drafts, was discussed during multiple public […]