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Capitol Briefs: Wayfair tax bill perfected in House


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The Missouri House perfected its version of a Wayfair tax bill Tuesday, moving the legislative priority one step forward as session nears its midpoint. 

Rep. J. Eggleston’s HB 554 would allow the state to impose a sales tax on online purchases made through vendors with a physical presence in the state. Additionally, the act would reduce the top rate of income tax from 5.4 percent to 5.1 percent by .1 percent a year and require the Department of Revenue to maintain a taxing jurisdiction database. 

“This bill has come a long way,” Eggleston said. “I want to thank everybody for helping us get this to the point where we could agree on a way to help our small businesses throughout the state.”

  • A pair of amendments were successfully added to the bill on the floor. One from Rep. Shamed Dogan would allow the tax to be used for zoological purposes, such as parks and museums. Another from Rep. Travis Fitzwater would gradually decrease video service provider fees throughout the state. A similar effort is underway in the upper chamber this year. 
  • The issue has been discussed extensively in past sessions as other states initiate their own internet sales taxes. 
  • Gov. Mike Parson identified the tax as a priority this session, hoping to bolster the state’s economy through ever-increasing online commerce.