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Dining with Nancy at Ria’s

My four undergraduate years at Mizzou were the best years of my life. Some may think that sad but others totally get it. I moved into Laws Hall, met new people, made new friends, went out too much and learned a little. Life was fantastic!  Nearly 15 years has past since my undergrad days but I will forever look back at those years with fondness. I learned how to choose my friends and determined whom I was and was not going to become. I fared well on the friend front. Some of my college buddies are some of my best friends today. It’s odd really. I don’t see or chat with them often, but run into them at a football game or in an airport and its as though no time has passed.

One of the dishes Nancy describes in her review from Ria's.
One of the dishes Nancy describes in her review from Ria’s.

One of my buds and former roommates, Lora Phelps, traveled to Jefferson City for an advocacy day this week. After walking the Capitol halls and touring the state penitentiary, Lora was more than agreeable to be my dining date Thursday evening. We set out for Ria’s Restaurant and Lounge – pasta for her and wine for me. We needed to fuel up due to the restaurant’s close proximity to TJ Maxx (Lora and I shop well together). Pulling into the parking lot we saw a car I know well. Jeff Moore, yet another college friend, was enjoying happy hour at Ria’s with his Learfield sales team. We took a moment to catch up with Jeff before settling into our booth. We were waited on quickly, drinks delivered swiftly, and selections decidedly given – let the reminiscing begin…

The Place

Ria’s Restaurant and Lounge is located at 3550 West Edgewood Drive. It is clean, well decorated and is surrounded by a large parking lot for its guests. There is seating for approximately 200, not including the private back room built for 100.  One of my favorite things about Ria’s is the covered patio seating well over 50. There just aren’t many patios in Jefferson City and this one may serve you well on a summer afternoon.

The People

Sassy was our server. She was friendly, professional and attentive. She quickly delivered our herb garlic cheese bread and my chardonnay. Lora, who is accustomed to eating at 5:30 with her kiddos, especially appreciated Sassy’s prompt delivery. Thanks for the entree suggestion and a great experience Sassy!

The Product

The menu boasts several selections ranging from apps, salads, sandwiches, steaks, chicken, seafood, pasta, Greek dishes and pizza. I ordered Sassy’s favorite, the smothered chicken entrée. Lora built her own pasta and settled on fettuccine alfredo with chicken and broccoli. The food quality is good and I particularly like the open kitchen, which makes this germ phobe far more comfortable. Ria’s added ten new items to the menu including a mussel dish I’d like to try. Go check it out.

The Price

Ria’s has separate lunch and dinner menus.  Offerings and prices vary between the two. For a complete listing of selections and prices, visit

The Pizzazz

Old (yes, we are aging) friends. I like meeting new people and making new friends. Though, there just is something about old friends. They know my quirks, will call me out when necessary, and whether good or bad helped shape me into the person I am today. While our circumstances have changed, our friendships remain and I am the better for it. A thanks to Ria’s for hosting an impromptu mini-Mizzou reunion and thanks Lora and Jeff for joining me!