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Opinion: Send a Prosecutor to Congress

Washington D.C. is a lawless mess and as a former prosecutor, I’m running for Congress to clean it up. I have spent my career enforcing the rule of law. I have led legislative investigations, exposed government corruption and put criminals behind bars and murderers to death. Congress needs more prosecutors, and fewer protestors.

Nationwide, crime is out of control. With a Congress full of police defunders and do-nothing politicians, it is no wonder. I have a proven record of taking on thugs, putting them behind bars and putting the worst criminals to death. That’s why I’m the only candidate endorsed by Missouri’s leading law enforcement group, the Missouri Fraternal Order of Police. In Congress, there will be no stronger ally to America’s men and women of law enforcement. America will be safe again.

Biden’s disastrous open borders policy has made every state a border state. As a result, terrorists and deadly drugs are flooding our borders. When I’m in Congress, this stops once and for all. We will prosecute the drug cartels and send the illegal immigrants packing. We will also hold accountable the bureaucrats and politicians who are enabling this lawlessness. Lastly, any country that sends illegals to America will no longer receive a dollar of assistance from America. Instead, these funds will be used to support America’s law enforcement in the war on illegal immigration.

Lastly, the witch hunts against President Trump will come to an end. My experience in the courtroom and in leading legislative investigations will make me a proven and reliable ally to President Trump in Congress. In the State Senate, I led the investigation that stopped a Planned Parenthood clinic from performing abortions. I also led the investigation that exposed and blocked a state agency attempt to share private gun owner data with federal bureaucrats. In Congress, I’ll use my experience leading government investigations to expose government corruption and stop these lawless witch hunts aimed at hurting President Trump.

Congress is full of career protestors who yell and scream but get nothing done. That’s not me. I’m a prosecutor. I measure success by the criminals I punish and the corruption I expose. Send me to Congress and I’ll be a prosecutor for the American people.