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Dining with Nancy: Domenico’s

I’ve never considered myself an Alice Cooper fan. For those unfamiliar, Alice Cooper is an American rock musician who is renowned for electric chairs, boa constrictors and guillotines. While I respect his six-decade career, I’m neither in his demographic nor in his fan club. Though, his music rings through my head during the final week of each legislative session. While figurative guillotines and electric chairs are applicable to the waning days of session, I’m hopeful that this occurrence is due to his phrase “school’s out for the summer!”  I cannot explain it, but this lyric is on repeat in my brain beginning the final Monday and continuing until I walk out of the building post adjournment Friday.  Domenico's

Speaking of various torture devices, one of the major legislative fights fought by many, including my team, was the liquor franchise legislation. After a much anticipated and nerve-racking, three-hour Senate filibuster, a cocktail was in order. Cooper, Jessica, our client from the Distilled Spirits Council of the US, and I set out for Domenico’s. Jeremy, our usual and much-appreciated staffer greeted us and had Cooper’s gin and tonic at our table before we were seated. Dale, Jessica and I settled on a bottle of wine appropriately named for our day, Conundrum. Our service was excellent, our food delicious, but we were particularly happy to sit and take a breath…and look forward to the final ringing of legislative bells.

The Place

Domenico’s Italian Restaurant is a part of a conglomerate of restaurants spanning from Florissant to Jefferson City. Owned by the Arcobasso family, Mark Arcobasso opened the Jefferson City establishment in 1991. Located at 3702 West Truman Boulevard, the eatery trends toward Italian family specialties including pasta with freshly made sauces, beef and veal. Domenico’s serves a steady crowd of visitors and regulars Monday through Saturday from 4-10 p.m.

The People

We love Jeremy! Jeremy, a Columbia resident and MU engineering student, has served Domenico’s proudly for eight years…and us for nearly as long. He is prompt, friendly and a great guy. He will help usher you through the menu or create your own dish if necessary. Thanks for a great evening, Jeremy.

The Product 

Domenico’s boasts a full menu of sandwiches, pasta, steaks, seafood, chicken, veal and more. Cooper chose his standard horseradish-encrusted salmon. Jessica diverted from her usual order to select the veal marco. Dale and I agreed and both delighted in the asiago filet. Our selections were delivered quickly, cooked perfectly, and were delicious. Regardless of what item you choose, don’t forget to order Domenico’s dinner salad with the house creamy Italian dressing. You will not be disappointed.

The Price

Domenico’s pricing varies widely depending on selection. Sandwiches range from $5.50 – $11, pastas from $9 – $15, and steaks vary into the upper $20 range. For a complete overview of Domenico’s, its menu, and its pricing, visit the following link:

The Pizzazz

Adjournment! Despite Jeremy’s charisma and Domenico’s delectable entrees, both were overshadowed by the freedom legislative adjournment offers legislators, staff and the lobby corp.  So much could be said about the successes and failures of the 2013 legislative session, but to quote Alice Cooper, “No more pencils. No more books. No more teacher’s dirty looks.” That’s right friends…“school’s out for the summer!”