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Opinion: For Missouri farmers, Kalena Bruce clear choice in race for Congress


Kalena Bruce, a farmer and entrepreneur from Cedar County, is running for Congress. Heck, that doesn’t make her unique, since Senator Roy Blunt’s retirement has convinced dozens of Missourians that the Republic would be improved by their presence in Washington. What does make her unique is her resume, her integrity, her intelligence, and her ability to understand and communicate complicated issues. Congress needs new blood, and Congress needs people like Kalena.

Kalena grew up on a farm, and she is a farmer today. She understands agriculture on an intellectual level, with a firm knowledge of the legislation surrounding Missouri’s leading industry. More importantly, she loves and lives our industry with the kind of knowledge that can only come from saving calves on a cold winter night and watching the markets struggle when the bank loan is due. Her lived experience as a cattle producer will serve her well as she works to improve the competitiveness and fairness of the markets upon which Missouri producers depend, and she is an expert on the very issues that are so important to farmers today. 

Kalena Bruce is a Republican candidate for the 4th congressional district. (PROVIDED)

She is an entrepreneur and a certified public accountant, starting a business with her sister at a time when the economy was struggling and it took a leap of faith in America to begin a new venture.  She deals every day with the problems that all Missourians face. She knows the difficulty of paying for health insurance or meeting a payroll. She understands small business and has spent her career helping small businesses survive. She’s dealt with the complexities of the tax code and understands how decisions made in committee rooms in our nation’s capital can threaten the economy in small towns in Missouri. 

Kalena is no stranger to the national scene. She’s been involved in farm organizations at the national level. She’s had the opportunity to personally lobby President Trump about agricultural trade and tax policy. She’s had essays about those issues published in national venues and is widely recognized as an expert on economic issues, expertise that has been hard-won in her day-to-day struggles of managing and growing two small businesses. 

I’ve been involved in politics for over 40 years, and I’ve had the opportunity to know and work with many leaders on the national scene. I’ve seen them handle hard questions and struggle with controversial issues. Missouri has been well served by her congressional delegation over the years, but the rest of the nation has not been as fortunate. There have been a few times that I’ve been disappointed in the performance, integrity, and willingness of people in Washington to do the hard work of governing. I’ve watched and worked with Kalena over the years, and I’ve never had a doubt that she has what it takes to serve Missouri well. She’ll always be prepared, she’ll never forget where she comes from, and she’ll always be willing to tackle the hard issues. I’m proud to support her campaign and look forward to watching her make a difference for Missouri in Washington, D.C. 

Kalena will tell you that she is a shining example of the American Dream, and she talks about her dreams with humility and gratitude. She’ll be a great representative, and she deserves your support.