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Capitol Briefs: Evergy introduces charging stations rebate program

Evergy has launched a charging station rebate program to increase adoption and charging availability for electric vehicles (EV).

The program is expected to be available in the second quarter of this year after it received approval from the Public Service Commission (PSC). Additionally, Evergy will study the impact EV charging will have on the power grid and work on developing future programs for customers. 

“These new programs will ensure a smooth transition for our customers as they purchase electric vehicles and will help cover costs for at-home EV charging,” Kim Winslow, senior director of energy solutions at Evergy, said. “Faster charging provides time savings for customers and allows vehicles to be refilled during off-peak hours when electricity is cheaper, and renewables are at their highest production on the grid.”

  • Evergy’s plan offers up to $500 in rebates to help Missourians install a 240-volt EV charging station or outlet at their home. Residential developers could receive a $250 incentive for installing EV charging outlets during a home’s construction. 
  • The program expands Evergy’s Clean Charge Network, which would increase support for Rideshare charging programs and areas that lack charging access
  • Under the federal infrastructure package, Missouri is slated to receive up to $99 million for projects supporting EV charging infrastructure. The infrastructure law is also expected to provide additional discretionary funding to expand Missouri’s 1,183 miles of pending and ready EV corridors.