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Gatschenberger touts pro-business stance during fundraiser


LAKE ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger, R-Lake St. Louis, held a fundraising event at Donatelli’s Bistro tonight to benefit his campaign for Senate District 2.

The sitting representative is pitted against Republican former Reps. Bob Onder and Vicki Schneider.

Gatschenberger’s supporters could donate any amount they wanted to attend the event. The RSVP card included a box to check for donations of $100, $250, $500 and $1,000 as well as an “Other” box for those who wanted give a different amount.

Gatschenberger (right) speaks with property developer Paul McKee during this fundraiser at Donatelli's Bistro in Lake St. Louis. (Photos by Brittany Ruess)
Gatschenberger (right) speaks with property developer Paul McKee during this fundraiser at Donatelli’s Bistro in Lake St. Louis. (Photos by Brittany Ruess)

Michelle Colbert, proprietor at Michelle Colbert, LLC and Gatschenberger’s advisor, said he has received grassroots support as well as support from business leaders like property developer Paul McKee, L.B. Eckelkamp, chairman of the Bank of Washington board of directors and Kevin Riggs, president of Cole, an engineering and land surveying company. Riggs said Gatschenberger called him for support about two months ago and did not give it immediately; he had to think about a response. He said he rarely takes a stance in the primaries, but Gatschenberger’s pro-business focus warranted him to promote the candidate and host the fundraiser.

“Chuck is one of those guys who fits into my pro forma for a model senator which is pro-jobs, pro-growth, pro-business … It’s very important that we not lose sight of that. It’s very easy to call yourself a Republican, it’s easy to call yourself a Democrat, but it’s not easy to live those words and walk those words. And I believe Jeff has worked his tail off in Jeff City,” Riggs said.

When Gatschenberger addressed the crowd of about 75, he called out the state’s growth rate rankings as “pitiful,” adding that he has contacted the National Federation of Independent Business on ways to make changes.

“We have so many resources here [in Missouri],” Gatschenberger said. “We have all the avenues here to get people to work.”

The invitation card listed 35 of Gatschenberger’s supporters which included Former Speaker of the House Steve Tilley, Speaker Elect John Diehl and Reps. Ron Hicks, Ann Zerr, Kurt Bahr and Robert Cornejo.