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Jason Kander will skip Democratic convention, cites scheduling conflict


From Amelia Chassé, Press Secretary, America Rising PAC:

FYI- Missouri senate candidate Jason Kander has completed a full flip flop on attending the Democratic National Convention. After saying for months he’d be there, the Kansas City Star is reporting that he’s suddenly backing out – citing an unspecified “scheduling conflict” that has apparently arisen in the past 24 hours.

As recently as May, Kander told reporters otherwise, according to McClatchy

Campaigning in Missouri on Tuesday, Kander said he’s going to the Democratic convention in Philadelphia. “There are Missourians who are delegates to the convention,” Kander said, “and I’m going to go and support them.”

Then, on Monday, Kander was suddenly unsure whether he’d be there to support those Missourians, telling reporters “it’s really a scheduling question” according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

And now, just 24 hours later, Kander’s “scheduling question” has become a full-blown “scheduling conflict.” That was fast! 

Could Kander’s cold feet have something to do with the release of a new PPP poll in Missouri last week showing Hillary Clinton behind in the presidential race, with a dismal 64% disapproval rating? No word yet on whether Kander will also back out of his spot on Clinton’s Millennial Council and/or Missouri Leadership Council.

Read more of Kander’s ridiculous response below:

Kander will skip Democratic convention, cites scheduling conflict

The Kansas City Star

By Dave Helling

July 19, 2016

Jason Kander, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate in Missouri, now says he won’t attend his party’s convention in Philadelphia next week.

“This was purely a scheduling decision, nothing more,” Kander spokeswoman Anne Feldman said. Kander has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Kander’s decision is part of a pattern of elected officials in both parties — skipping their conventions. Sen. Roy Blunt, Kander’s opponent, isn’t in Cleveland. Sen. Jerry Moran, a Kansas Republican, is also back home.