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Justin Brown: Maria Chappelle-Nadal needs to go and so do her policies

By Justin Brown

It’s been a firestorm since St. Louis Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal said she wished Donald Trump would be assassinated. Everyone and their uncle has called for her resignation.

This weekend, she had coffee with some rich old white guy, hoping that would ease our fears that someone representing a good chunk of Missourians wants our president to be killed.

Senator Chappelle-Nadal has always had a way with words. She’s a race-baiter of the worst sorts. She is beyond rude. And she even hates the Cardinals.

On August 3rd she tweeted “No driving while Black in Missouri. You very well may die.” She spent her legislative session promoting the agenda of Black Lives Matter and Transgender Bathrooms. Last April, she tweeted a reference to smoking weed saying “munch away.”


You may remember when Maria used the “f” word on the Senate floor in her comments directed at then-Gov. Jay Nixon or when she was a part of the rioting at Ferguson. To me, Maria Chappelle-Nadal is just not Senate material.

In May, Maria hijacked the last day of the legislative session, pushing a bill written by trial lawyers to buy out homes next to a landfill that Maria claimed was causing cancer. She failed to mention the health concerns she cited were actually from Coldwater Creek, five miles away, and that no local, state or federal agency had found a risk to public health from the landfill.

The cost of the program would have been $12 million for buyouts that were to be expanded statewide – for any home deemed uninhabitable – including the meth lab down the road. It was unclear who would pay for tearing down the homes or their upkeep. To Maria, details don’t matter.

When she didn’t get her way, Maria started reading out of a book and shut down the entire Senate for the rest of the day.

There was a time when civility in politics mattered. Perhaps it is long gone. For a country boy in Phelps County, it seems to be like civility should make its way back.

Justin Brown is a farmer in Phelps County and a candidate for State Senate in Missouri District 16.