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Kinder, AFP criticize Obamacare as exchange deadline looms


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Citing the Oct. 1 start date to begin signing up for health insurance exchanges through the Affordable Care Act, Republican Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder told reporters today that Missourians should “resist” participating in the federal program that will allow them to shop for and compare cheaper health insurance options.

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder
Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder

“I would hope there would be active resistance to this law,” Kinder tells reporters on a conference call, accompanied by members of the conservative organization, Americans for Prosperity. “I would really hope that people will not sign up. I can’t prescribe for them what this law prescribes: which is a one size fits all solution for all of us, but if you can, resist signing up.”

Kinder spoke at length about businesses regionally and nationally announcing layoffs, benefit cuts or reduced hours in order to make up for the costs of providing more employees with healthcare as a severe blow to business and called on Congress not to exempt themselves from the bill.

Members of the congressional staff are the only group of people in America required to purchase money through the exchange, the requirement also comes with a 25 percent employer contribution, which all federal employees receive.

“It’s not right for them to avoid putting on themselves this same pain they’re putting on Americans,” Kinder says.

Jen Bersdale, Executive Director for Missouri Health Care for All, says it is Kinder who is in the wrong.

“I don’t understand how an elected official can tell people to resist signing up for health insurance that will help save their life,” Bersdale says. “I think our current insurance system is bad for business, and I think some people are doing anything they can to politicize the issue, and that’s how a lot of misinformation gets out there.”