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McDowell files for state auditor


Former Air Force Veteran, Saundra McDowell has officially filed for her candidacy to become Missouri’s next Auditor. It has been expected as of early February that McDowell would enter the race as the only Republican female candidate.

As a licensed attorney in Missouri, McDowell knows that her legal background and previous work make her the perfect candidate to take on the only other female in the race and current Auditor, Democrat Nicole Galloway. McDowell stated, “I know that my legal background and my time as the Director of Enforcement while at the Secretary of State’s office has led me to this wonderful opportunity to protect hard working Missourian’s tax paying dollars. If these people are asked to tighten their belts financially, it is time for the government to do the same.”

McDowell has set her sights on two very serious issues if she is to be elected as Missouri’s next Auditor. She vows to prosecute fraud and stop wasteful spending. McDowell’s “Every Dollar Works Plan” will establish a new standard of transparency for state government in which anywhere a state dollar, or a state settlement directed dollar, is spent, the State Auditor will have the right to audit and help ensure it is spent legally, wisely, and for the most possible good for the people.

As an Air Force Veteran and a former Assistant Attorney general, McDowell pledges to continue her work for a better Missouri, her family, and families all throughout the state. She is the proud wife of Jonathan McDowell, and the loving mother of their five children.